What is DuoMouse?

Automated analysis software for pair mice social interaction

When you're working for social interaction test using pairs of mice, DuoMouse software helps you to analyze mouse behaviors easily and quickly .


Important information for users:
Due to recent Internet security issues, it is currently not possible to access the server using DuoMouse. At this time, we are unable to find a solution for outside users. Since the location data of the two individuals can be obtained by tracking video images, please analyze the data to perform time-series analysis of social behavior, etc.

  • capture
  • analyze
  • track
  • view

Update log

ver 1.43 [03/12/2018]DuoMouse was updated. [New features]

ver 1.37 [05/03/2014]DuoMouse was updated. A bug for the Mac version was fixed. Now the server is accessible from outside.

ver 1.35 [09/14/2013]DuoMouse was updated.

ver 1.2 [05/14/2013]DuoMouse was updated.

ver 1.0 [04/1/2011]DuoMouse (prototype) was developed.

ver 0.2 [03/16/2011]Analysis and Viewer system was developed.

ver 0.1 [07/--/2009]Tracking system was developed.

How to install DuoMouse

You can install DuoMouse from the following links. This installer is commonly usable in Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.


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Installation instructions (WINDOWS, MAC, LINUX)

  1. Click the below link to download DuoMouse installer onto your computer. (Note that the installation of DuoMouse might require administrative access to your PC.)
  2. In the case of the Windows Standalone Binary, expand the .zip file to install the DuoMouse software. You can now use DuoMouse software.
  3. In the case of the AIR Package, you will need Adobe AIR 26.0 runtime before installing DuoMouse. You can download Adobe AIR freely at http://get.adobe.com/air/.
    After that, follow the below steps. (When you have already installed previous version in your computer, you will need to do uninstallation of the previous one before installing the new version. The Ver1.35 was not working on Mac.)
  4. Execute the .air file to install the DuoMouse software.
  5. Depending on your security settings, you might see a Security Warning dialog box (Windows). Click OK or Install.
  6. Follow the installation dialog.
  7. When the installation is complete, you will see the DuoMouse icon on the desktop. You can now use DuoMouse software.

How to use DuoMouse

You can download Instruction Manual for DuoMouse from this link.

You can download the method for social interaction test from this link.

You can download sample movie files from this link.

You can download the source code from this link.

Update details

Ver 1.43

Inputting a video file with drag and drop was supported.

Outputting a file with numbers of different pixels at each time point was supported.

Outputing a detail log file of the capturing and the tracking was supported.

Changing the camera input was supported.

Setting up camera inpu with arbitrary user-defined size was supported.

Tracking on a circle area was supported.

Tracking a single mouse was supported.

Tracking with 1 fps up to 30 fps was supported.

Tracking color threshold was adjusted as minimum value for the subject detection.

Tracing heatmap (with or without alpha) images were supported.

Displaying the difference pixel size (compared with background) was supported.

Displaying the difference image (compared with just before image) was supported.

Detection of the limitation of Camera statuses was supported.

Video encoding performance was improved by multi-threading system.

Minor bug fixies.

  • camera_selection
  • incircle_mode
  • resolution_change
  • single_mouse_mode_different_pixel_output
  • size_adjusting
  • difference
  • trace
  • trace_heatmap
  • trace